The elf we all know and love!


20 levels in Mage and Fighter, this self-made diety and legend has no business throwing anything, but his high dex made it easy for him to pick up his nickname.
Dart is always seen wearing red elven chain-male made to look like a button up under a vest, and anyone who’s ever taken a swing knows he’s got an armor umbra on as well. He carries a normal sword, which looks like a bastard sword on HIS belt, but he prefers the darts that line his gauntlets. He has the ability to throw ten (one for each finger) but they generally fly one at a time, cursed with a magical fire. They also return on command.


“Dart can throw one faster than a 20th Wizard can remember a counter.”
“Dart’s darts weigh more than a bullet, and he throws them faster so the ‘crippling-force-of-god-shotgun’ effect is entirely conceivable when he’s got a handful.’


Vispawari JPx187