Guess what you hear when you've finally got all your popcorn and character sheets sorted out?

This is modern times. You’ve all reached Vispawari by boat. Whatever you’re background, you’re welcomed here. There was no ID check when you boarded the boat, but you absolutely CANNOT have cell phones, cameras, engines, etc. Pens and vinyl clothing are allowed, but that won’t make a difference. People here dress like it’s the renaissance fair anyway. The boat has four stops: the first is a guided tour. The second: an unguided tour, and you’re dropped in the river. Third: the most direct path to the walled city of Vispawari and lastly, a commercial dock meant for food drops, etc. A young man is making a ruckus with who is apparently, “not” his girlfriend.


Oh jeesus. Lol. Why was I not expecting this to be the campaign you posted? Just leave out Tuck Everlasting please.


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