Welcome to the beautiful Isle of Vispawari!

This isle was once a volcano that rose out of the sea as it spewed lava like the devils asshole! What you are standing on now is that lava, only cooled by the saltwater, which is why the whole Island is grey! You’ll also notice that the sand is very fine, but the rocks are big and black. It’s called Obsidian and this is Granite! Inside that big mountain over there is what we call marble lake. That’s where the lava came from, but after it stopped, rain water filled it in! All of it’s surroundings are hardened rock, so nothing grows there, resulting in perfectly clear water that goes down forever! Now, we don’t allow many modern abominations on our island, so I’ll have to confiscate you’re camera’s and phone’s now. Don’t worry, it’ll all be there when you get back to the boat! You won’t find any taxis or noisy semis here, no guns, no electricity, only knowledge of it all, and how it will destroy the modern world! Thank you, and enjoy our Island!


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